On the project, in every direction...

Speed, versatility, precision and reliability. Reverse engineering is an indispensable technique when it comes to prototypes. In fact, it is useful both for the detection of known points and geometries in order to replicate or modify a product, and for dimensional checks on finished components, without geometric or material limits.
The functionalities are in fact multiple:

  • Digitisation of a physical model and re-elaboration of the generated CAD model
  • Dimensional control system with laser scanning, physical model comparison with CAD model
  • Dimensional control by connection

Not just dimensional checks…
We offer you a complete service from survey to consultancy. We are able to collect data on any shape and material and re-elaborate them generating solid 3D models in order to achieve the desired purpose; whether it is related to new product features or to the simplification of a project for feasibility issues, or more simply to provide a specific product’s replicating CAD models.


  • Romer Absolute Arm 7525Si Hexagon arm
    Measurement distance 2.5 meters
    Repeatability points 0.027 mm
    Volumetric accuracy +/- 0.038 mm
    Laser scanner precision 0.063 mm


  • Polyworks Inspector Premium
  • Ansys Spaceclaim